It Takes A Village

They say it takes a village to bring up a child.

We agree- but we also think it takes a village to bring up a vegetable garden and to bring together a community.  This winter season there has been no shortage of caring and nurturing in our little lottie.  We have had art, craft and cooking sessions with plenty of little helpers.  We have had roaring fires to cook soup.  We have built many raised beds with the help of some diggers from The Co-Op.  We have had celebrations and we have worked hard capturing all of the flavours of our produce in little jars before the season passes.

The next task of this inner city village is to build a children’s garden fit for the many families and school groups that visit our site, encountering the wonders of nature.  Our aim is to create a site that is as playful as it is educational (as if the two are distinct!) with little hidden spaces and opportunities for growth.  Come and help us weekends between 10am and 12pm or join the fun on Saturday 17th December where we will have a bring and share tree dressing day.

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