Love Shack

IMG_8159The story began two and a half years ago with a patch of waste land and a pile of wood.  Add to that a band of passionate people and quite literally sweat, blood and tears over time we have built our lovely hub.

It has been a place of shelter, a social gathering space, a work space, a dining room, a birdwatcher’s hut, wedding reception venue, performance venue, a cafe, a hiding place, a store room, a home, an artist’s studio, a therapist’s surgery, a kitchen, a school, a nursery.

Held together by nails and passion, it’s foundations have been rocked but in one piece it remains.  But there’s always room for improvement.  To see out the winter we are working on some hub improvements before we get cracking on the growing side of things; we are insulating the ceiling to stop warmth from escaping out the top of our heads, we are putting down a lino tiled floor with tiles donated from Adactus Housing Association, we are adding some more shelving and just giving it a general pre-spring clean to make it more user friendly.

If you’d like to make your mark on the hub space we will be open Saturday and Sunday 10am-2pm and sometimes during the week (receive more regular updates on our Facebook page).




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