Seeds for Change

seed listSlowly but pretty damn surely, the days are lengthening and after months of darkness, the light is creeping in.  Winter might not be over, but there’s some light at the end of the tunnel and things that were for a time dry and brittle are regaining some semblance of their former suppleness.

At the very least now we can start to dream of the spring to come, which is exactly what we are doing, because we are planning what we are going to plant.  This Saturday (and continuously over Facebook) we gathered together all of the seeds we saved last year which have been drying out over the winter and we made a wish list of the seeds we would like for next year.  Not only that but we made a map of the site to help us build a shared point of communication as to what has been planted when and where and what we are to plant so that we can work more effectively as a team and communicate our plans.

If you would like to contribute, come dream with us and let us know what you would like to see growing on the allotment, add something to the list by commenting on our Facebook post or email with your suggestions.


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