Share and Share Alike

shareWe share food.  We share skills.  We share time.  We share space.  We are the Moss Side Community Allotment.

Earlier in the month we sent out a request for the community to share what they had with others in the community whose basic needs are not being met.  You came and you shared and as our photo shows, together we will help many families, even in the smallest of ways.

Throughout the year, we have been monitoring our harvest and keeping an eye on our impact with the help of Sow the City.  This year we have produced 212.72 kg of organically grown veg and fruit equivalent to a £1106.52 saving compared to supermarket organically grown food.  This equates to a CO2 saving of 394.848 or 3077.5 food kilometres.  Overall,this is an incredible achievement from a bunch of urban farmers.

This is not the product of sweat, blood and tears, but the product of sharing and kindness and that in our essence is how we roll.

By sharing we can achieve great things.  Keep up the good work folks.share 2


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