Moss Side Community Share – We need your help!

economics of happinessThe mornings are getting crisper, the long winter nights are slowly uncurling and the leaves are falling from the trees…’s that time of year again.  Whilst we must take a moment to delight in the change of season, we must also take a moment to support others in our community as the pressure of an ever-increasing gas and electricity bill creates a financial squeeze.

Earlier this year, people in the Moss Side community shared food with people in our community by working with local organisations who work directly with local families. This allowed us to meet some basic needs in our communities by allowing those with more to share with those with less.

This autumn we are doing the same thing again and we are asking for offerings of non-perishable food goods to be brought to the Moss Side Community Allotment, where we will pass them on, as a community, to an organisation which works with families in primary schools in our community, along with some of our homegrown produce.

We are open every Saturday and Sunday 10am-2pm and we are around most week days (pop down or check our Facebook  page for some more regular updates).

Thanks for sharing.


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