SHOP 2We learn something by doing it. There is no other way. John Holt

Since the 1960s, as a society we have lost many skills that were once considered essential such as gardening, fixing things, carpentry…..Such skills are just not as essential in our modern routine; why try and fix the toaster when you can go and buy another one so cheaply seems more a part of our psyche than to try and work with what we’ve got.

However, you can’t help thinking that something has been lost.  You see, with the loss of many of these skills, communities also witness a decline in resilience- in their ability to tackle problems when economic difficulties arise.

One of the major aims of the allotment is to share the knowledge that is contained within the community with the rest of the community.  Of course this includes growing food and gardening, as we demonstrate with our growing workshops.  Yet it also includes other manual skills such as basic carpentry and building- two weeks ago we began work on our shop- where we will store our surplus produce and offer it in exchange for a donation on a more regular basis to the community.  But we’re not hiring any labourers to come and do the work for us.  Oh no.  We’re doing it ourselves, not just because we want to save money but we recognize the value in the learning process and the sharing of skills in and of themselves.

So come down to the allotment any Saturday or Sunday from 10am-2pm and get growing, hammering, sawing or practising your essential chin-wagging skills!


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