Mud Pies

IMG_7764[1]There’s a special kind of freedom in nature.  In nature, we are not judged- we just are.  The carrots don’t go about their lives wishing they were parsnips and the flowers couldn’t care less if you think they’re pretty or not.

At the lottie, we work hard to create a vibe in which the community can just be (as long as the work gets done of course).  If there’s no fresh milk for the tea breaks, we make damn sure that we go out and get some immediately because we know how important the being together (not just doing together) is for the whole thing to work.  That’s the secret of our success.

So that’s why we’ve been working hard to create a space in which the little people can be….because inspiring the next generation of diggers is high on our agenda.  We created a mud kitchen with adult utensils, a counter and of course…..dirt.  The fact is: we are a working allotment which means that many of our growing areas are sensitive and we can’t set two-year-olds loose with spades all over the place but we recognize that messing about with mud, getting dirt underneath your fingernails is an essential part of the learning process and more importantly it gives a space in which our little people can be free.

So all we need now…..are the children.


5 thoughts on “Mud Pies

    • Hi there, Good to hear. The allotment is open every Saturday and Sunday from 10am until 2pm (sometimes later) when they could use the mud kitchen/have a look around. We do have a children’s club which is every other Sunday (next one is Sunday 5th July) at 3pm where we do gardening, storytelling and crafts which you might also enjoy!

    • We will be doing our regular family club every other Sunday (next one 26th July) and if you add yourself to our FB group/keep checking on our “Workshops and Events page” we might do some additional activities as well 🙂

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