You Say Tomato, We Say……

At Moss Side Community Allotment, we are most definitely in the busy season….everything is bursting into life; the growth is unstoppable (a couple of warm days wouldn’t go amiss though).

side shootLast weekend we had the third growing workshop in the series of 12 and we learnt all about tomatoes.  So at this time of year, with a bit of luck (if the weather hasn’t hit you too hard), your tomatoes should be well on their way with their fragrant leaves and you might even spot the odd yellow flower or two.  But don’t rest on your laurels just yet!  As we learnt through our eager fingers, it’s time to side shoot!  This means pinching off either with scissors or between your fingers and thumb any growth between the main stem and the main flowering shoots to make sure all the lovely juicy soil energy makes it way straight to the tomatoes and not on making itself into a great green bush!

As Phil informed us, you don’t need to do this with bush variety tomatoes, so make sure you check what variety you are growing before you give your tomatoes a hair cut!

Would you like to pick up more tips like this?  Then come along to our next growing workshop on the last Saturday of the month.


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