Hands On Learning

bug hunt 9Let nature be your teacher – William Wordsworth

In a world of touchscreens and keyboards, it’s easy to forget the incomparable learning which occurs when we work with our hands.  The different textures, the ways that different materials respond to our movements, the comfort of a hug; these are all things that we learn through our fingertips and cannot be encountered on google.

In fact, psychological and educational research suggests that there is a kind of learning which goes on in our very hands which is being lost in the current generation.  In the words of Frank Wilson, professor of neurology, who struggled to teach a group of children how the heart works as a pump “we’re cutting off our hands to spite our brains” by not exposing children and young people to “direct experiences in the backyard, in the tool shed, in the fields and woods.”

At Moss Side Community Allotment, we try to address this need both with our workshops for adults and children.  Since the beginning of the year we’ve had:

-2 raised bed workshops

-2 growing workshops (and another one on it’s way this week)

-11 school visits

-4 children’s gardening and craft workshops.

…..and there’s a lot more on it’s way, without mentioning the cooking workshops.  In every workshop we make it a priority that participants come away with dirt under their fingertips and rosy cheeks.

So if you want to get outdoors and sizzle your senses, come and visit us any Saturday or Sunday from 10am or come down to one of our workshops.  We’ll keep you posted 🙂


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