Letting the Sunshine In: Pre-Spring Preparations


Snowdrops: A traditional symbol of hope

February is a funny old month.  It’s the shortest month of the year, the long winter still lingers on and yet change is in the air.  The long, sleepy nights begin to slowly shorten and in amongst the seemingly dead remnants of last year’s crop, the first brave little shoots of new life begin to creep through.  Unlike the yellow splendour of spring’s show-offy daffodils, the shoots are more subtle, green and hidden.  Birds that had made their escape start to come back.  Winter is definitely not over, but there’s hope.

Our pagan ancestors would have marked the season with the traditional festival of imbolc; usually held on 1st February to celebrate the coming of spring.  This involved (and still does involve) lighting a candle or bonfire to represent the return of warmth and light.

Down at the lottie, the first shoots are beginning to appear and our snowdrops are quietly flowering.  New flocks of birds have been making their presence known and there are plenty of little green shoots.  We have also been making more space for new life in the new growing season, building new raised beds and making a start on a polytunnel.  Today, we also cleaned the perspex in the greenhouse, which was covered in last year’s snail poo and whilst we didn’t light any candles, we’ve certainly been letting the light in for next year’s little seedlings.

So here’s to February, and to quiet new beginnings…..

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