Where the Wild Things Are

IMG_7471There’s more than just parsnips and people at the Moss Side Community Allotment.  Living beneath the soil and between the gaps in the stone walls, whistling down from old cherry and elder trees and huddled in the hedgegrow are….the other wild things.

Any organic farmer worth his salt knows that the key to a successul harvest and a beautiful garden is just as much about how you look after the wildlife as your veg patch which is why we provide little treats to encourage local wildlie into the lottie and maintain the natural balance we need.

This weekend we were focusing on birds, who have definitely been enjoying our urban oasis during the cold winter months.  As part of RSBP’s national event to observe wildlife this weekend 24th-25th January, MSCA diggers had a stab at birdwatching and here’s what we recorded:

-a pied wagtail

-a robin

-2 wrens

-A flock of about 20 sparrows

-A few starlings.

-a pair of blackbirds

-a couple of magpies

-we usually have some blue tit visitors but they decided not to make an appearance today.

And we’ve had even more on previous weekends!  If you like wildlife, come down to the lottie and share our passion!


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