Singin’ In the Rain and Other Sustainable Living Tips

2 Simon LadderRain?  Snow?  Hail?  Nothing stops us!  This Saturday 17th January we got down to business and started work on our water catchment system and just in time for a rain storm….

With guidance, we learnt about putting up guttering at just the right angle so we can harvest all of this lovely rainwater ready for those long, (hopefully) dry days in the summer without having to use water from the tap.  Not only is this kind of water better for the health of our plants but it also reduces water wastage and our carbon footprint.

When the rain finally did pick up, we curled around a warm cup of tea inside the hub and got on with organising the seeds we’ve been drying out ready for the spring.  One of our aims is to try and become more self-sufficient and thereby relying less on funding, so we’ve been collecting up and drying our own seeds.  This both reduces our costs and ensures that we are collecting seeds of the highest quality that are well-adapted to our climate and soil.

Talk about killing two birds with one stone….though this isn’t something we advocate at the Moss Side Community Allotment.  Speaking of which: next week we’ll be doing some birdwatching, to appreciate the marvellous biodiversity which the allotment attracts (in human and non-human forms!) as part of a national event from the RSBP so bring your anoraks and your long lens camera next week from 10am.


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