Reflecting on a Vibrant Year at the Lottie

Zoom!  Has another year really almost passed us by?  Before 2014 toddles off on it’s merry way, we wanted to take some time to reflect on what an incredibly rich and fruitful year it’s been here at the Moss Side Community Allotment so we’ve compiled a photo album to savour some beautiful memories.

Early in the year we successfully built our community hub; for the community, by the community and it’s certainly been put to good use….

We’ve had pot luck dinners, cottage industry collective gatherings, craft workshops, residents and housing association meetings, Moss Side Market meetings, Environmental Scrutiny Committee meetings….and that’s only scratching the surface.  We’ve hosted 6 community events, not including all the birthday parties, with everything from a traditional village summer fete to a fireside storytelling circle.

Once again we won a level 5 outstanding award from the Royal Horticultural Society and we got nominated in the top three for the Manchester Evening News environmental community project award.  We’ve acquired three new plots, pulled down the fence around the hub, a polytunnel is under construction and just you wait until next year!

We.  We. We.  Do.  Do. Do.

In the meantime, have a gander through our photos and warm your cockles as the winter solstice approaches and the year comes to a close.


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